Mid-Atlantic Sports Team

Our newly formed chapter is currently focusing on our upcoming MAC2 conference, however, our other FSMTA chapters have been making a difference in sporting events around the nation. From races to fundraisers, the FSMTA Sports team has been able to raise thousands of dollars for wellness organizations and charity events. Now that we are established, we encourage all members to email your interest in helping form a Mid-Atlantic Sports chair to help organize our profession. Many massage therapist love to participate in these races ourselves and know the importance of having a therapist to help manipulate soft-tissue that will have any athlete prepared for the event. From charity 3k or 5k events to Mud-races, we can set the bar for Licensed Massage Therapist in our area to take part in these professional experiences. If you are a therapist or a charity organization within the Mid-Atlantic Region (Includes MD, VA, and DC) or you wish to know more information, please email Machptreasurer@fsmta.org for more information.

We at the Mid-Atlantic Board welcome your messages and wait to hear from you.

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